About Us

In late 2015 ITS began discussing what a containerized package treatment system would look like.  We knew the form factor would be challenging but that it would also solve some unique operational and logistics issues.  We also knew that one of the major challenges in package treatment design and operation is based on the way packages are scoped, designed, and permitted.

However, selling six-figure packages to prospective buyers without having any systems "on the ground" proved challenging.  Although we were able to patent our reactor technology, the industry has proven to have significant barriers to entry.


To address revenue needs, in 2017 ITS began developing an in-house water quality monitoring system based on the Atlas Scientific EZO system.  We quickly realized that our system was so easy to use that our field-test partners wanted to buy the prototypes.  The WaterFeature8 circuit board and Sensor Interface System was born out of a desire to solve water quality problems.  Also, we think it is really neat.

And so the story of ITS has shifted from having aspirations of designing and manufacturing package water and wastewater systems, to designing and manufacturing embedded circuits for water quality monitoring and process control.

The Integrated Treatment Systems concept is founded on a passion for clean water.  We endeavor to continue innovating and creating novel and useful technologies for the water industry.