About Us

Here is a little diddy about Integrated Treatment Systems:

We started in twenty-sixteen,

Wanting to make water clean.

It took many years,

Thru blood, sweat, and tears,

Now we're a two person team.




Fun limericks aside, our greatest passion rests in making the world's water clean.

Aaron began his career as a capital projects manager in 2003, and later moved on to be a field engineer, registered professional engineer and designer, and is now an experienced wastewater process engineer.  He started ITS in 2016 with a vision to create a containerized wastewater treatment system.  But never did he claim to be a market forecasting specialist, and thanks to an already crowded containerized treatment industry, ended up with a nifty patent and zero sales.

By 2018 Aaron was distracted by the pretty blinking lights on the Atlas-Scientific EZO circuit, and with the help of a local electrical engineer he designed an eight channel water quality monitor.  Initially thinking he found the solution to expensive SCADA systems, Aaron sent the prototype to Atlas Scientific for some professional feedback on the product.  It turns out Atlas liked the prototype so well they asked if they could release it commercially.  Thus was born the WaterFeature8.

Several years later and with the help of our fantastic customer base, we have officially outgrown the one-man-shop concept.  With sales climbing and free-time declining, Aaron finally convinced wife Cathy to join the team permanently as our Operations Manager.


Cathy is an experienced, detail-oriented planner and coordinator-of-all-things.  She comes to ITS with a degree in education, professional licenses in education and real estate, and an infinite knack for organizing, streamlining, tracking, planning, pacing, checking, re-checking, and re-re-checking pretty much everything around the shop.

Yes, we are a small team.  No, we can't write you a limerick.  Yes, she is the taller of us.

Give us a shout by contacting us today.  We are looking forward to working with you.

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