The ITS Container Reactor System

The ITS Container Reactor System is our patented modular reactor fabrication system.


The technology is ...


  • Self Supporting

  • Corrosion Resistant


  • Insulated


  • Fully Accessible from Above the Vessel

The system is designed to fit inside a standard ISO shipping container, or a high-cube ISO container, of any length.

The system allows for 90% of the available cross sectional area of the container to be used for holding liquid.  It is self contained, free standing, insulated, corrosion resistant, and allows for complete access to equipment inside the reactor.

Our systems can be adapted to most types of mechanical processes.  Although we advocate for simplicity whenever possible, you may want something special and we can help make it fit.

The ITS Container Reactor System is notably different from other containerized tanks.  Think about other containerized systems you have seen.  What didn't you like about them?  Now compare ours...

Ready to learn more?  We are looking forward to working with you to license a custom designed reactor for your next project!