The philosophy of simplicity extends to our in-house designed and fabricated control panels.


You've been here before ... a control panel hanging open, a few parts missing:


"Hey what does this do?"


"We're not really sure.  It stopped working a few years ago and nobody knows how to fix it so we learned to live without it."

We have taken the time to source readily available control components that you do not need to be a distributor to get.  Just browse to any number of internet based components sellers to find in-kind replacement parts.

We will even provide you with a spare fully programmed PLC to have on hand.  No $3,000 fancy electronics.  Just the basics, enough to treat water, nothing more.


Most customers are looking for some level of automatic controls.  Instead of complicated PID systems we use simple deadband centering control logic to allow for smooth speed control on DO, ORP, pH, or whatever else we can find a sensor for.

We will customize your control panel and HMI to show key operational parameters


  • Equipment status, speed, and run time;

  • Totalized values such as daily cumulative flow and wasting volume;

  • Alarm status and historical values;

  • Operations specific parameters such as DO, ORP, and pH.