The following files are free to download for use with the WaterFeature8.

WF8 Product Brochures

WF8-System Builder Kit Brochure

WF8 Sensor Interface System Brochure

Latest Instruction Manual

August 2022 Technical Manual

2D Drawings

PCB and HMI Dimensions

Print cutouts to scale and use them as hole templates:

PCB and HMI Cutouts, 8-1/2x11

PCB and HMI Cutouts, 11x17

Flow Meter Wiring Diagram

Flow Meter Calibration Spreadsheet

EZO Programming Instructions

Latest Programming Instructions

FW v1.02 and later includes the AutoConfigure function which eliminates manually programming EZO circuits except for Flow EZO K-values.

Miscellaneous Items

Panel Integration Kit (PIK) Mounting Instructions (Vertical & Horizontal)

Pushbutton Mounting Bracket 2D Drawings, 11x17

3D Models

3D models are downloadable from our Google Drive, below.

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