ITS Water Quality Monitoring Electronics

We are excited to announce the production release of the WaterFeature8 sensor interface and water quality monitor and transmitter.

The WF8 is the start of a new line of Atlas Scientific, LLC EZO compatible systems from ITS.  We have been working with Atlas Scientific to provide next-level hardware designed specifically for high-reliability, high-accuracy, industrial water quality monitoring and controls.


Our hardware is designed and built in our shop here in the United States.  Many of the components are hand soldered, and our QA/QC process ensures the high quality production you should expect when being Made in America.

The system is currently offered in two versions:

The System Builder's Kit is intended for system integrators and treatment process controls developers to build into their larger industrial control cabinets.

The Sensor Interface System is an ITS manufactured product that includes the WaterFeature8    technology complete with power source, PLC, and Atlas-Scientific EZO circuits and sensor kits.


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