Firmware Updates

The WaterFeature8 firmware offers a full suite of water quality monitoring solutions.

Significant Firmware Revision History

v1.01     10/2018     Initial public release.

v1.02     04/2019     Added AutoConfig feature.

v1.10     05/2019     Added Temperature Compensation feature.  Includes EZO population boot confirmation.

v1.12     05/2019     Added 'OK' prompt to Reconfiguration Detected boot screen.

v1.14     05/2019     Update AutoConfig for Flow EZO v2.0.

v1.20     06/2019     Added polling speed limiter to improve multiple FLO EZO performance at low pulse frequencies.  Revised FLO and RTD analog output ranges.

v1.30     10/2019     Added CO2 and PRS compatibility.  The WaterFeature8 is now compatible with all Atlas Scientific EZO circuits.

v2.06     11/2019     Added Remote State operating system.  Allows for UART TTL communications directly with the WaterFeature8.  Now you can develop your own custom program to communicate with the WaterFeature8.  Welcome to the 21st Century!

v3.05     10/2021     First release of the Generation 3 operating system.  Includes all of the features included with Generations 1 and 2, plus support for Real-Time-Clock with battery powered memory, on-board RS-232 serial communications, updated 4-20 mA analog output processing hardware, and new Settings menu structure to support future development.

v3.11     03/2022     First stable Gen3 firmware to include Data Recording function.  All Generation 3 systems, even those purchased before this firmware, can now be updated to include Data Recording.

v3.16     06/2022     Removed "Day" input from the Clock settings.  There is a bug in the RTC, buried in the IC errata documentation, noting issues with storing clock settings unless "Day" is input in a certain order.  Since "Day" information is not used anywhere in the WF8 we decided to remove the option and avoid the bug altogether.

Future Plans

Add user input calibration values.

Add encrypted bootloader to offer firmware updates as free downloads from this site.

Add user selectable units and analog output ranges.

WaterFeature2 dual-channel systems.

RGB EZO compatibility.

We are open to suggestions for new functions as well as improvements to existing functions.  Send us a message on the Contact Us page and we will get in touch!

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