What's In the Box?

The WaterFeature8 is available in two formats:  the System Builder Kit, and the Sensor Interface System.

1) The WaterFeature8 System Builder Kit [WF8-SBK]

The System Builder Kit includes the barebones components including:

1 ea WaterFeature8 Circuit Board

1 ea 4x40 Character LCD HMI

1 ea Pre-Assembled HMI Ribbon Cable

1 ea Pre-Assembled Pushbutton Wiring Harness (4 buttons included!)

1 lot 4-40 UNC Screws and Standoffs to mount the board and HMI.


The SBK is intended for integration professionals and adventurous DIY-ers looking to build a custom WaterFeaure8 application.

A Panel Integration Kit [WF8-PIK] (purchased separately) makes mounting the system in an industrial control panel easier.  It includes:

1 ea 0.090 in thick FR4 Fiberglass Epoxy Support Panel

1 ea DIN rail (35mm) Mounting Bracket

1 ea Pushbutton Mounting Bracket

2 ea Hole Templates (vertical and horizontal)

1 lot 4-40 UNC Screws, Nuts, and Lockwashers for assembly

2) The WaterFeature8 Sensor Interface System [WF8-SIS]

The Sensor Interface System is a complete retail product that includes:


1 ea WaterFeature8 Circuit Board

1 ea 4x40 Character LCD HMI

1 ea Pre-Assembled HMI Ribbon Cable

1 ea Pre-Assembled Pushbutton Wiring Harness (4 buttons included!)

1 ea Polycarbonate NEMA4X Enclosure (although we suspect the enclosure is no longer NEMA4X rated after drilling holes through the sides for BNC connectors, push buttons, and rocker switch)

1 lot assorted Enclosure Mounting Screws

1 ea 110VAC to 24VDC Wall Adapter

What Else Do I Need?

The short answer is, NOT MUCH!  Buy some EZO circuits and sensors from Atlas Scientific and the WaterFeature8 can handle the rest.


However, depending on your plans for your WaterFeature8 and whether you buy the System Builder Kit or the Sensor Interface System, we recommend having these items on-hand to help deploy your new system:

  • Enclosure to mount board and LCD screen

  • Various screw drivers and simple hand tools

  • Your choice of Atlas Scientific, LLC EZO circuits and submersible sensors [Note, any sensors compatible with Atlas Scientific, LLC EZO circuits are also compatible with the WaterFeature8!]

  • 24VDC Power.  The board, LCD, and analog outputs consume up to 5W at peak usage

Integrating FLO EZOs?

FLO EZOs are a little tricky and will require a tiny bit of very basic computer know-how to set the K-values of the specific flow meter(s) you are intending to use.  Fortunately, we have developed an EZO programming guide to help with this process.  You will need:

  • Computer with terminal emulator installed [We use Tera Term which is free and downloadable here]

  • Serial debug cable [We use a USB to TTL serial cable for our projects, several examples are included in the EZO Programming Guide, they are not expensive]

  • This EZO Programming Guide if you are unfamiliar with programming EZO circuits.  It is easier than it looks.  Here is a short tutorial using a pH EZO circuit.


Visit our Downloads page for product brochures, instruction manuals, 2D prints, and 3D models.

We also offer price breaks for quantities above 3.  Please contact us for details.


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