Integrated Treatment Systems, LLC

We bring All American ingenuity to this crowded marketplace.  Our strength lies in producing a high quality product for a competitive price.  Can you buy a cheaper Chinese knockoff?  Probably.  But we have found that those products do not meet the rigorous quality standards we hold ourselves to.  Our products are designed and manufactured in the Midwest United States; Indiana and Iowa.

We also offer a competitive product warranty that we stand behind.

In a way we are many things:  innovators, problem solvers, engineers, manufacturers, and others.

Our PCB engineer has NASA pedigree.  Our programmer is a 40 -year veteran of the embedded controls industry.  Our owner is a registered Professional Engineer and Certified Wastewater Operator.  Few things are more disappointing than poorly engineered products.  If you think our stuff stinks, great!  Tell us!  We won't get better without a little push in the right direction.

But the main thing we share in common between ourselves and our customers is a passion for clean water.

We love hearing from our customers and we are always here to help.  Contact us today and tell us about your water quality monitoring application!