Integrated Treatment Systems, LLC

As our name suggests, we can work with you to design a treatment package customized for your waste, flow, and effluent requirement.

But we are more than just dreamers:

We can provide …

  • Pre-design budgets during the planning and preliminary engineering stages of the project;

  • Early stage design concepts to assist with layout of your facility;

  • Design guidance regarding unique package-specific challenges and how to approach them;

  • Custom designed solutions unique to your influent wasteload and effluent requirements;

  • Complete system drawings when you are ready to finalize the project design.

We can work with any treatment process you want to use.  We are not committed to any particular activated sludge process and we have no proprietary black box process to sell you.  Ok, there is our Container Reactor System, but the real magic in this is what you can do with your tanks!


We prefer industry standard designs that are well understood and readily available from trusted sources such as Ten States Standards and Metcalf & Eddy.  [Note, we are not affiliated with Great Lakes - Upper Mississippi River Board (TSS) or McGraw Hill (M&E) in any way, nor do we specifically advocate on their behalf.  However, these two sources are both excellent references for water and wastewater treatment professionals.]


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