What's Happening at ITS?

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Here is a sneak peak at what we're working on here at ITS.  Feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions!

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Excited for formally updated the Shop page with the Generation 3 WaterFeature8.  Testing is done and the first shipments have been made.  Supply chain shortages have made building this latest generation a challenge, but we feel confident that the design decisions we made were the right ones.

For example, we chose to remove voltage isolation from every channel.  On Gens 1 and 2, voltage isolation was included on every channel by default.  With shortages in the voltage isolation chip we use, removing these isolators means we can continue to make WF8 PCBs and EZOs will still work.

Also, we have incoporated new hardware components such as the battery holder which fits a CR2502 coin cell battery to support the power-off memory for the Real-Time-Clock, and a TransFlash card reader (a.k.a. microSD) for future on-board data storage support.

Visit the Shop and tell us what you think!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Testing the Generation 3 WaterFeature8 system:


It's real and development is moving along smoothly.  We are very excited to bring this to you starting in November 2021!  Stand by for a more formal set of release notes so you can see what will be in it.  We will post here as soon as we confirm the official rollout features of the Gen3.

Sunday, September 29, 2021

Like many of us in the electronics industry we have been struck with a case of the supply chain blues.


Fortunately, we were able to secure a small cache of microprocessors to make our next manufacturing run of WaterFeature8 systems.

Unfortunately, we underestimated demand for the WaterFeature8, so instead of building a new run of Generation2 systems we decided to do a complete overhaul of the WF8 so we could add new features.

We are very excited to announce the WaterFeature8 Generation3 water quality monitor system.

What can this one do that previous generations couldn't?  Here is a short list of new features and the firmware releases we anticipate them to appear:

Settings Menu

v3.01 on Gen3 release

Includes digital Contrast adjustments, Factory Reset features, Continuous Serial Output enable/disable, and digital timestamps.

Real Time Clock with Battery Backup

v3.01 on Gen3 release

Adds Day/Date/Time settings and will be able to timestamp serial output strings.

MicroSD card support

v3.XX future Gen3 release

Seriously, we've already tested it and it's awesome.  The deployed version will include file save intervals to protect your data from unplanned power outages.

User Selected Inputs

v3.XX future Gen3 release

Select the operating units you want the WaterFeature8 to use.  This is a tough feature to deploy because it has to consider all the possible structures of the EZO output strings.  Also, what do we do about the analog output ranges?  We're not quite sure, we just know this is something we want to do.

Analog Range User Inputs

vX.XX who-knows-when release

This is a heckuva challenge to build, but we're seriously discussing how to do this.

Native RS-232 Serial Communications

On Gen3 release

Remote State is even cooler now.  Also, you can make a male DB9 connection at the bottom of the enclosure.  Very neat.  Let the IoT games begin.

New PCB Color

On Gen3 Release.

It's white, and it's cool.  And even cooler with internal LEDs.  This is the big leagues people.

When do we expect to release the Generation3 system?  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Development of the new hardware/firmware has been in the works for over two months now.  We have tested our first set of prototype systems and are excited with the results.  Looking to release the first Generation3 systems in November.  Now that we've announced this on the website it HAS to happen, right?

Thank you to our current and future customers that are patiently waiting for the new systems!