New Capabilities Coming to the WaterFeature8

A lot of companies that do what we do have teams of engineers sitting around, burning up overhead, waiting for the marketing folks to green light a project.

Well, here at ITS the marketing folks are the engineers ... for better or for worse. We think for the better but I suppose the jury's still out on that!

Sometimes the marketing gets jammed in with the engineering and we do something just because it is fun. In this case, we did something because we also think it solves a handful of existential problems and broadens the scope of our product.

I am very excited to show a sneak peak at the next Sensor Bridge Assembly (Revision B).

This updated version of the Sensor Bridge Assembly will add 24 new terminal wire connections for landing wire-ended sensors onto the WaterFeature8. This includes 8 ea PRB connections, 8 ea PGND connections, and 8 ea +5VDC terminals.

The RevA board only held 8 BNC connectors that protruded through the enclosure. Now, if you have a sensor that has a damaged connector or you want to directly wire a flow meter, it will be easy to use the terminal blocks to make those connections. For simple sensor connections leave the jumper off to keep the ground isolation. For flow meters attach the jumper which connects the ground wire to system ground to enable the FLO EZO.

I'm not going to say its genius. But its not not genius. And its my first ever PCB design so fingers crossed I didn't screw anything up!

I'll keep you posted.

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