Update on WF8 Rev B signal bridge

Prototyping is my favorite part about this job. There are few opportunities in the "real world" to fully exercise your creative brain waves, but the electronics industry is quite literally full of "if you can dream it, you can make it."

This updated WF8 signal bridge is no different. I wanted to be able to move the isolators back onto the WF8 board by default, but also wanted it to power and accept flow meter signals as well. Thus the need for this updated bridge component.

Got some parts in, built a prototype, tested it in the shop, and sent it out for real-world field testing yesterday.

And yes, our systems get tested in the field by our more adventurous customers BEFORE they hit the market. Their tolerance to test and break and provide feedback is invaluable, so thank you to those of you that provide this invaluable service.

By the time current WF8 stock is sold we should be deploying the sensor bridges. Stay tuned and I'll post a video to show how easy it is to wire up a flow meter, powered directly by the WaterFeature8!

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