WaterFeature2 in Development

We've said this before and here it is again ... we're always working on something here at ITS. Today we wanted to share that we are in full-fledged development of the WaterFeature2 water quality monitor, transmitter, and recorder.

This is has been in the works for a long time now. The first prototype we built was in 2020. This unit seemed to work fine, but full development was delayed when we upgraded the WaterFeature8 from Generation 2 to Generation 3. This generational jump marked a big increase in capability for the WF8. We also borrowed a few lessons from WF2 development to make that happen.

Fast forward to summer 2022, and here we are revisiting the WF2 concept. In the spirit of universality the WaterFeature8 hardware and source code is common in many ways to the WaterFeature2. We hope to have the product fully functional and field tested by the end of the year.

The WaterFeature2 will include:

.. RS-232 output w/DB9 connector

.. microSD card data recording

.. Real time clock with battery backup

.. 2 ea 4-20 mA outputs (one for each channel) on every model

.. Robust polycarbonate enclosure similar to the WateFeature8

The platform will be compatible with all of the great Atlas Scientific EZO circuits and voltage isolators that work in the WaterFeature8.

The target retail price for the WaterFeature2 will be $400.

In summary: 3D model + PCB schematic design + elbow grease = new product!

Shoot us a message at customerservice@intreatsys.com. Tell us all your hopes, dreams, and ambitions for the world ... but mostly also what you want to see in the WaterFeature2.

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