WaterFeature8 Production Update

NGL, the first production run of the Gen3 systems sold much faster than we anticipated. Add to that persistent global supply chain issues and we've struggled to get enough parts to make the next production run.

So, to compensate, we TRIPLED the size of this production run, and I am very excited to say that the new PCBs arrived today.

Please forgive the mess, we're ramping up to build the next 150 units and 10% of these are already accounted for.

A WaterFeature8 system requires about 100 unique parts that have to be purchased, inventoried, in some cases remanufactured, and then finally deployed into the final product we sell. It is fun but challenging work, and we hope you like the look and feel of your WaterFeature8 sensor interface system.

Anyway, production begins tomorrow, expect to see the store open up again soon.

Unfortunately, the voltage isolation ICs that go into our WF-IB Voltage Isolator boards is nowhere to be found. Many of our customers can get by just fine without voltage isolation, and until we can redesign the board for parts that ARE available, we are stuck working with what we have. Stay tuned for more information on how best to get along without voltage isolation.


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