WF8 Signal Bridge RevB is LIVE

If you've been following over the last couple months you know we have been developing a new signal bridge for the WF8. Now back from a brief vacay in Colorado we've returned home to new production parts and are ready to deploy the new hardware.

Starting with Serial Number 220061, every WaterFeature8 will be equipped with the new signal bridge. If you want to be sure to get the new hardware, shoot us a message or contact Atlas Scientific and ask what serial numbers are next up. The older hardware should be flushed out in the next couple weeks.

So how does it work?

Super duper easy, really:

ITS signal bridge for connecting flow meters.
The RevB Signal Bridge simplifies flow meter connections.

And yeah, you could say things are getting pretty serious. In fact, we've already had customers ask about connecting meters with the new hardware, and we are looking forward to what folks can do with it!!!

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