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Better than web page editing!

In future blog posts we will be sharing more of the day-to-day projects we are working on. This will be a place where we can casually share information without formally updating the website. The idea is to speed up communications and give a peek at what we work on behind-the-scenes.

And let's be honest, it's the behind-the-scenes stuff that is the most interesting anyway.

Let's start with this little nugget ... we are currently developing a powder coated aluminum WaterFeature8 enclosure.

Prototype WaterFeature8 Metal Enclosure: Powder Coated Aluminum

We still have a few tweaks to make but are excited to finally be making the leap into a more custom-designed solution.

We currently expect a nominal price increase for this custom enclosure, but we think the added cost is well worth it. As soon as the design is tweaked and ready to go we will post this option will be included in the ITS shop!

Want to know more about ITS products? Shoot us a message at

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