Our design philosophy is simple.


We prefer to design to the simplest treatment process needed to reach your treatment objective.


This includes systems for industrial pre-treatment as well as municipal/residential grade wastes with tight effluent limits.

Here are some of the common biological activated sludge processes for package wastewater treatment facilities:

  • Complete Mix Activated Sludge (CMAS);

  • Extended Aeration (best at lower flow rates).

For more advanced systems we suggest you bring an Engineer:

  • MLE (Modified Ludzack Ettinger) for nitrification/denitrification;

  • A2/O (Anaerobic, Anoxic, Oxic) for biological nutrient removal;

  • Other complex processes if adequately designed by the Engineer of Record;

  • New or experimental processes.

We are looking forward to working with your design team on a new or replacement wastewater treatment system.