WaterFeature8 Sensor Interface System

WaterFeature8 Sensor Interface System


The Generation 3 WaterFeature8 is here!  Simply install Atlas-Scientific EZOs, plug-in some BNC sensors, connect the included AC wall adapter to the jack, flip the power switch, and begin monitoring up to 8 water quality parameters at the same time.

  • Included with the WaterFeature8

    • 120V AC Wall Adapter
    • Enclosure Mounting Brackets
    • CR2502 Battery for Real Time Clock Memory
    • Spare Bushing/Grommet
  • Connections

    • 8 ea Male BNC Jack Sensor Connections
    • 1 ea Female DB9 Serial Connection
    • 1 ea 7/8" Enclosure Hole for External Analog Wiring
  • NOT INCLUDED with the WaterFeature8

    • Water Quality Monitoring Sensors
    • Atlas Scientific EZOs
    • BNC Sensor Wire Adapters
    • ITS WF-IB Voltage Isolators
    • PLC Equipment