WaterFeature8 System Builder Kit, Gen 2

WaterFeature8 System Builder Kit, Gen 2


The WF8 System Builder Kit is great for tech professionals and adventurous DIY-ers looking to build a custom sensor interface system.

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The System Builder Kit includes the following items:

1 ea WaterFeature8 Circuit Board

1 ea LCD HMI

1 ea Pre-Assembled Ribbon Cable for LCD HMI

1 ea Pre-Assembled Wiring Harness with Buttons

1 ea Instruction Manual


All System Builder Kits are now Generation 2 systems.  What is the difference between the two?  Gen 2 is now BLUE!  Also, it has a +5VDC/GND output terminal pair for running up to 1A of additional 5V devices.

  • Note

    The WaterFeature8 is no longer suplied with the Atlas Scientific, LLC USB Carrier Board.  The AutoConfigure function included on all current WaterFeature8 boards eliminates the need for programming all EZOs except the FLO EZO.

    Also, due to the wide range of customer mounting we have seen, we no longer supply screws or spacers with our systems.  If you would like to mount the system in a control panel, review our Panel Integration Kit which includes everything needed to do so.