WaterFeature Voltage Isolator

WaterFeature Voltage Isolator


The WaterFeature Voltage Isolator is an in-line EZO adapter that adds voltage isolation to any WaterFeature8 sensor channel.  Voltage isolators are used to protect your sensor circuit from interference, ground loops, and harmful voltages.


This voltage isolator is based on the recommended Atlas Scientific voltage isolation design.  Insert the WF-IB into the sockets on the WaterFeature8 first, then install the EZO into the WF-IB component.  The isolator board is powered by system power and no additional components are needed.

  • Isolators Recommended for the Following EZOs

    • Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
    • pH
    • Electroconductivity (EC)
    • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
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