WaterFeature8 Sensor Interface System PROTOTYPE

WaterFeature8 Sensor Interface System PROTOTYPE


We are selling our PROTOTYPE Sensor Interface System.  It has been in our shop for awhile and is running fine with the latest firmware version (v2.06).  The production version will be in a slightly different enclosure, but rather than disassemble this prototype we thought why not sell it at a discount?


The WaterFeature8 Sensor Interface System (SIS) is a fully assembled product in a polycarbonate enclosure with clear lid.  Insert EZOs, plug in sensors, turn it on, you're ready to go!

The SIS comes with the following items:

1 ea AC/DC Wall Adapter

1 lot Enclosure Mounting Brackets and Screws

1 ea WaterFeature8 Generation 1 board, installed

1 ea WF8-SIS instruction manual


You will need to visit www.atlas-scientific.com to purchase EZO circuits and sensors.


This product is offered as-is, without warranty.  However, retail Sensor Interface Systems have a standard limited warranty.