Unit Operations

We can package most of the unit operations commonly found at much larger treatment sites into our containerized solution.

These unit operations can be combined to address both Industrial Pre-Treatment influents as well as more typical Municipal/Residential wasteloads.

  • Screening & grit removal;

  • Flow equalization;


  • pH adjustment;


  • Activated sludge reactors:  primary or secondary treatment, fine bubble or coarse bubble diffusers, mixers for mixing limited situations, reactor temperature control for extreme weather conditions;


  • Gravity clarifiers:  traditional with sawtooth weir or inclined plate settler with scum draw off and RAS/WAS equipment;


  • Tertiary filtration:  single or multiple media sand with aerated backwash;


  • Post aeration;


  • Disinfection:  tablet with contact reactor or ultraviolet disinfection;


  • Solids holding with floating decant system.