Configuring EZO Circuits

Don't do this the hard way!  The WaterFeature8 system comes with a built in AutoConfigure function.  Hold [SW2] when powering the system ON to enter AutoConfig.  Press [SW3] to "CONFIRM" AutoConfig to automatically program your EZO circuits.

Here is a video of Mal and I configuring a random assortment of EZO circuits.

Working with Atlas Scientific EZOs has never been easier.

Working with Flow Meters

Flow meters are fun!  (Yeah, we said it.)  They may seem confusing, but if our 8-year old helper can figure it out, so can you.  Watch this video on testing the accuracy of a DC pulse meter and resetting the K-value to calibrate the flow.


The video follows the 8-step calibration method described in the Flow Meter Calibration FAQ.  In our example we used a 1/2" turbine meter purchased from Atlas Scientific.

Here is the calibration spreadsheet mentioned in the video.

More videos coming soon!  Have a special request?  Send a note to

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