WaterFeature8 System Builder Kit

Integrated Treatment Systems, LLC is excited to offer the WaterFeature8 water quality monitoring solution.

What can you do with 8?

The WaterFeature8 is designed and manufactured to:

  • Monitor up to eight (8) different water quality sensors at one time

  • Communicate with any off-the-shelf EZO circuit manufactured by Atlas Scientific, LLC in the United States of America

  • Display sensor measurement values as water parameters change in real-time

  • Output a high resolution 4-20 mA current loop to an Analog Input (AI) card and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for data retention and process control (AI card and PLC not included with the WaterFeature8)


  • Remotely access the WaterFeature8 Remote State operating system through a UART TTL serial converter

The WaterFeature8 is compatible with the following Atlas Scientific, LLC EZO sensor circuits (EZOs sold separately):

  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Oxidation Reduction Potential

  • pH

  • Temperature

  • Flow

  • Conductivity

  • CO2(g)

  • Pressure

These EZO circuits and corresponding sensors are NOT provided by ITS.

Visit Altas Scientific,LLC for more information about their EZO line of compatible sensor circuits.



New with Firmware 1.02 and later is the Automatic Configuration feature.  This sub-program allows you to enter a unique boot menu by holding down Switch 2 during startup.  This will initiate the AutoConfig function that will automatically program the EZO circuits that are inserted on the WaterFeature8 board.  The system then boots normally and runs the populated EZO circuits.

AutoConfig DOES NOT perform a factory default command, so any calibration settings that may be saved on the EZO are not lost.

AutoConfig can be aborted if it is accidentally triggered on startup.

This new feature eliminates the need for a computer, serial cable, and terminal emulator!

Temperature Compensation


New with Firmware 1.10 and later is the Temperature Compensation feature.  Temperature Compensation allows you to make use of the built-in temperature compensated values in pH, DO, and EC EZO circuits.

Assign any populated RTD EZO (and probe) temperature output to any eligible pH, DO, or EC EZO.  Each eligible pH, DO, or EC EZO can only be assigned one RTD, but any RTD can be assigned to any combination of other eligible pH, DO, and EC circuits.

For example, consider a WF8 with the following channels populated:

Channel 1:  DO

Channel 2:  [Empty]

Channel 3:  pH

Channel 4:  RTD

Channel 5:  DO

Channel 6:  FLO

Channel 7:  RTD

Channel 8:  ORP

CH1 DO temperature compensated by CH7 RTD ............................... YES

CH3 pH temperature compensated by CH4 RTD ................................ YES

CH3 pH & CH5 DO temperature compensated by CH4 RTD .............. YES

CH8 ORP temperature compensated by CH7 RTD ............................. NO (ORP is not eligible)

CH5 DO temperature compensated by CH4 RTD and CH7 RTD ........ NO (only one per channel)

FLO EZO Improvements

With the new FLO EZO operating system developed by Atlas Scientific we have developed a new polling routine to improve flow readings at low pulse frequencies, beginning with WaterFeature8 firmware v1.20 and FLO EZO firmware v2.01.

Latest Atlas Scientific, LLC EZO systems;  Pressure (PRS) and Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2)

New sensors with on-board EZO operating systems.  Plug-and-play with any firmware after 1.20.

Remote State Operating System

New with firmware 2.06, remotely wire into the Remote State operating system to send ASCII commands to the WaterFeature8.  Also, send encapsulated commands directly to any EZO in any channel!

Want to reprogram a flow meter K-value?  Now do it without removing the EZO!

Simple, easy to remember commands that allow for powerful and robust third-party applications.


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