Welcome to Integrated Treatment Systems

We are a boutique electronics manufacturer specializing in industrial applications of Atlas Scientific EZO technology.

  • 1: Select WaterFeature# Product

    Visit the WaterFeature8 store page. Select a WaterFeature# multi-parameter water monitoring product. Click the "Configure" button. We currently offer only the WaterFeature8, but will soon have the WaterFeature2 as well.

  • EZO Lineup

    2: Assign EZO Circuits to Channels

    Choose from pH, DO, EC, ORP, RTD, and FLO. Other built-in sensor EZOs are available at www.atlas-scientific.com.

  • 3: Choose Voltage Isolator

    We advise using a voltage isolator if using pH, DO, EC, or ORP, particularly if the water source is brackish or high strength.

  • 4: Add Sensors

    Add sensors that match your EZOs, or bring your preferred sensors from other manufacturers and vendors. ITS is proudly universal and will attempt to remain so in the future! See our FAQ for more information.

  • 5. Plug it in

    Your Sensor Interface System includes a 120VAC - 24VDC wall adapter. Mount your unit, plug it in, connect sensors, flip the power switch.

  • 6. Run AutoConfig and Calibrate

    Run the built-in AutoConfiguration tool if you didn't buy a pre-configured system. Then calibrate sensors to EZOs using the on-board menus. You're ready to go!

The Generation 3 WaterFeature8 Sensor Interface System