A Busy Winter 2023

A Busy Winter 2023

It may not seem like much, but we've been busy here at ITS over the winter.  Hopefully you have seen a lot of new changes to the website ... mostly regarding product offerings!  We are excited to announce that ITS is now an authorized reseller of Atlas Scientific and Sensorex products.  Now you can bundle a WaterFeature# unit with EZOs, isolators, and sensors, all from a handy Configure

Configure a WaterFeature# Product
  button on the WaterFeature# product page.


Atlas Scientific:  We have a long working relationship with Atlas ever since 2018 when we created the first WaterFeature8 and they asked us if we would like to sell it on their website!  Now you can get EZOs directly from our store.  Could not be simpler.

Sensorex:  In the next week or two we should receive the first shipment of Sensorex sensors, direct from the manufacturer.

Other Items:  We are also bringing in other products such as calibration fluids, RTD sensors, pipe fittings, flow meters, and custom made BNC cables.  Keep your eyes out!  We want your shopping experience to be as easy as possible.

FREE SHIPPING:  Since we moved the site to our new hosting company we now have access to discounted shipping rates, and have decided to offer free UPS Ground shipping for all orders over $500.  No special order code required.

Other Projects:  As we say on the front page, ITS is a boutique electronics shop.  We design and build our products here in the USA.  Another thing we do is PLC conversions, and we have taken on a new project with a company that we have a long relationship with, helping them save money on their equipment controllers.  In the past they have used PLCs to perform temperature monitoring and burner control, to the tune of over 200 units per year.  We are developing a drop-in replacement for the PLC that will save them 40% per unit, or about $160,000 per year.  Here is a model of the prototype:

Shoot us a message if you are using PLCs where you don't need to.  You might be surprised what we can do with custom designed and manufactured embedded systems.




Cover graphic image by callmetak on Freepik.
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