New ITS Website and Web Store

New ITS Website and Web Store

It recently came to our attention that our old website was painfully outdated and not particularly user friendly.  My fault, I was being cheap, and we were grandfathered in on an old plan on a tired platform.

After spending the last couple months searching for a new store hosting platform that would meet our needs we are proud to show off our new website and webstore.

What has changed?

  • New layout, simpler navigation.
  • Better store experience.
  • Less clutter and fewer text walls.

Check out the new CONFIGURE button on the WaterFeature8 product page here:

Now you can build-your-own fully configured WaterFeature8, and in Spring 2023 we hope to roll out the WaterFeature2 that will also be configurable.  Select your WF# model (Serial Only or Serial + Analog), choose your preferred enclosure type (polycarbonate or powder coated aluminum), and populate each channel of your WaterFeature# unit.  We we will shop test and validate your circuit combinations before shipping.

Unfortunately, we do not have our sensor OEMs set up yet, but we are working on it, and those will be selectable in the configurator when they go live.  Stand by for more announcements regarding new products we hope to sell in 2023.

Be well and Happy New year.


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