Serial+Analog Units SOLD OUT

Serial+Analog Units SOLD OUT

Y'all got any more of them DAC8750?

Story time everybody!

Two years ago we redesigned the 4-20 mA Digital-to-Analog circuits.  The first two generations of the WF8 used a DAC made by Analog Devices which was becoming scarce and expensive in the middle of the 'rona supply chain disruptions.  Instead of keeping with this design which was costing a pile in labor to manufacture, we moved to a surface mount component made by Texas Instruments, the DAC8750.  This chip proved to be more accurate and less costly than the A.D. IC.

We thought the move to TI would be all-around-great, but unfortunately that has not been the case. The DAC8750 went out of supply shortly after our redesign and first production run of the Gen3 systems.  In the nearly two years since, TI has not had the DAC8750 available to small manufacturers like ITS.

We have searched high and low.  Contacted our main parts suppliers, called TI direct, and even reached out to one of my fraternity brothers who is high up in the TI organization.  I ping on a daily basis.  Bought 50 chips a few months ago and hand built some Serial+Analog systems.

Now the Serial+Analog WF8 units are completely sold out, and there is no parts availability in sight.  No word from TI on when it might be available.

While we COULD redesign the WF8 (again), I know the second we do this the DAC8750 will become available.

Ok, rant over.  But this is why the Serial+Analog systems are out of stock.

If you need an industrial grade system that can communicate with a PLC, the Serial Only WaterFeature8 can do this.  It uses an RS-232 serial connection and ASCII text.  This will be easier once we deploy MODBUS compatibility.  Send us a message and we'll show you how it works, or download our instruction manual here and read chapter 10.

Until then, y'all got any more of them DAC8750?

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