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Atlas Scientific, LLC

pH EZO Circuit

pH EZO Circuit

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This genuine Altas Scientific pH EZO is compatible with any ITS WaterFeature# product and is guaranteed to work with any pH sensor sold on our store.  In addition, these EZO circuits are universally compatible with a broad range of other manufacturer's sensors as well.  Feel free to use your own favorite sensor!

pH readings are used to measure the acidity or basicity of a fluid (yes, basicity is a word, we had to look it up too), which is a measure of the relative amount of free hydrogen in the water.

pH measurement is also temperature sensitive.  For best results add a temperature sensor and RTD EZO with the built-in Temperature Compensation function of your WaterFeature# device.





13.97 mm (0.55 in) x 20.16 mm (0.79 in) x 10.8 mm (0.4 in)

Care Instructions

Limit the chance of electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage by grounding yourself to earth ground before handling EZOs.

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  • Bundle-able!

    Can be added to any WaterFeature# custom configuration. Go to the WaterFeature# product you want to bundle, select "CONFIGURE," and add this product to the configurator.

  • Genuine Atlas Scientific Parts

    We are an authorized reseller of select Atlas Scientific components. We think their EZOs are the beez knees, and the WaterFeature# line of products is designed to be compatible with all standalone EZO circuits as well as most sensors with built-in EZOs.

    Atlas Scientific 
  • Consider Temperature Compensation

    pH, ORP, EC, and DO probes benefit from temperature compensated readings. Add an RTD EZO and RTD probe to any WaterFeature# configuration to unlock the built-in temperature compensation feature.

    Temperature (RTD) EZO 
  • Consider Voltage Isolation

    pH, ORP, EC, and DO probes and EZO sometimes may influence each other, particularly in aggressive waters. Add Voltage Isolation to each pH, ORP, EC, and DO channel that needs to have unaffected readings.

    ITS Voltage Isolator WF-IB