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Integrated Treatment Systems, LLC

WaterFeature8 Generation 3 Panel Builder Kit

WaterFeature8 Generation 3 Panel Builder Kit

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The WaterFeature8 Panel Builder Kit (PBK) includes everything you need to install the system on a 35mm DIN rail inside a control enclosure.  Add this to any WaterFeature8 System Builder Kit (SBK) for a clean looking installation.

The following components are included:

  • 8"x8" FR4 Fiberglass Panel
  • 2 ea 35mm DIN Rail Brackets
  • 1 ea Button Mounting Bracket (Holes to Match SBK Button Selection)
  • 1 lot Aluminum and Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • 1 lot Assembly Instructions with Hole Templates and Drill Bits

Note, photos are out of date and may not reflect the actual product.  For example, the FRP panel is no longer pre-drilled, and the latest generation PCBs are white.

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